Learn How To Run With The Ball

We learned how to pass the ball and understand the passing line in the previous post. Calculating your body’s position is essential to execute the pass correctly and consistently. In this post, we will learn how to run with the ball and its importance.   

Learning to run with the ball using both feet is critical, and here I show you how to do it biomechanically well. The only way to ensure that you are balanced and coordinated is to keep your arms bent, push the ball and step next to it every time. I call it the Push-Step System. If you want to run faster, you push the ball further and increase your stride length. You must pump your arms to develop speed and drive effectively. If you can run with both feet, you will be able to shoot more effectively and score more goals. 




Running with the ball   

In the video above, I demonstrate how to run with the ball correctly. Mastering biomechanics is crucial because it sets you up for a pass, shot or be able to take on a player. If you don’t push the ball correctly or with the right weight, it allows the opponent to tackle you or your ability to make better decisions 

Running with the ball (Left Foot): 

  1. Start with your right foot next to the ball
  2. Place your left foot on the middle of the ball using the outside of your foot 
  3. Bend both arms 
  4. Push the ball softly and plant the foot
  5. Take a step immediately with the right foot placing it next to the ball (For the right foot, you do precisely the opposite) 

Now go and practice! 




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