Learn How To Control The Ball

The best way to improve your control is through repetition. In this exercise, you will use the inside of the foot to hit the ball against the wall with one bounce in between every shot. This is a great way to start for beginners. More advanced players can use the laces (full instep). 


Rebound Ace (Wall Work)

For beginners, I would suggest the following steps: 

Left foot example first. 

  1. Stand about 2 feet off the wall and hold the ball in your hands using your dominant foot first. (If you can flick the ball off the ground without using your hands, do that)
  2. Drop the ball softly, let it bounce a couple of times and then open your foot 90 degrees, knee bent slightly, to start the exercise. Upon contact, your right foot must be facing the wall and right next to the ball.
  3. Hit the ball softly as you are very close to the wall. 
  4. As soon as you hit the ball, drop the same foot immediately down onto the ground. The opposite foot then slightly comes off the ground (Do not follow through too much, just touch the ball softly).
  5. The feet must work fast so you can create rhythm. 
  6. The hip must always hold the knee and feet in position. 
  7. Aim for 10 shots without any errors and work your way up to 100 repetitions. 
  8. Once you’ve mastered the left foot, start with the right foot and move on alternating feet. 

Advanced players can perform the same exercise using the laces. The same rules apply, but with this technique, you must point the toes down so that the ball hits on the bone or highest part of the foot. If the ball hits your toes, the toe is not pointed down enough. This technique improves your shooting skills. Remember, these exercises are designed to help you hit the sweet spot every time, depending on your technique. I call it Foot Function. If you perform these exercises regularly, your ball control will drastically improve. Enjoy! 


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