• Football First is a Soccer Academy based in Melbourne, Australia. Our mission is to teach and develop all the soccer skills, that a player needs to play at the highest level. Consequently, we provide tailor-made soccer training programs for kids and adults.


  • We implement our exclusive Football First Global Improvement System.
  • This System is a 360º Methodology which has been carefully designed by Con Boutsianis.
  • After he finished his professional career, Con developed his exclusive Coaching and Player Development Methodology.
  • It took 17 years of scientific research in bio-mechanics, psychology and the science of ball movement to produce this System.
  • Our exclusive System develops both sides of the body equally.

Football First’s Global Improvement System 

Separated into two divisions with three different levels in each division, we designed our Global Improvement System to help teams and individuals at every skill level. 


  • Beginners
  • Semi-Professional
  • Professional

Clubs & Groups

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


  • Kids who require to learn the basics of soccer technique correctly.
  • Any individual who wants to be a successful professional football (soccer) player. 
  • Clubs and National Teams who wish to improve their player’s soccer skills and achieve the best results in competitions.
  • Corporate Team Building, employee wellbeing and performance.
Soccer Con Boutsianis
He is an ex-International Football (soccer) Player, Team Coach and Player Development Specialist for the last 17 years.
Acclaimed as “The Best Free Kick Specialist in Australian Football history”.
Con has used his scientific knowledge of biomechanics, psychology and ball movement, to produce the best methodology for players to reach the highest standard in International Football (soccer).


“My close association with top coaching and well known scientists in different sports, has helped me to identify the best uses of biomechanical theory and practice to enhance player’s development. Therefore, by understanding the raw instinct possessed by great players, we can begin to follow in their footsteps”.

Taking a Free-Kick

“Football experts defined my professional career as being a generational talent when it came to the dead ball. Certainly, I attained this excellence the same way all great footballers do; through harder practice and a deeper understanding of the process. Above all, in Football First’s soccer training Programs, I reveal the secrets of how to strike a winning free-kick alongside the other skills in my curriculum”.


“As all observers of football (soccer) know, some players are just more able to score at a top-level than their counterparts. However, being this sort of striker myself I have worked hard to break down my methods, and those of other stars, into reliable lessons which help players build their goal-scoring skills and their understanding of when to use them”.

Inma Moreno

  • Post Graduate in Business Development Management.
  • Certified Coach in NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis.
  • Certified in Digital Marketing, SEO and Cloud Computing.
  • Master in Ayurvedic Therapies.
  • Certified Sport Massage therapist.
  • Certified as Oncology Skin Care Cpecialist.

With an international and holistic approach, Inma has worked and studied in Spain, Switzerland, Latin America, India, Miami and Australia. Mainly, throughout the last 29 years, her passion has been helping people improve their well-being.

“My mission is:

  • contributing to improve people’s lives
  • sharing my knowledge,
  • continuing to grow as a person and
  • keeping the balance between my personal and professional life.
Photo of Inma Moreno Football First

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Football First Global Improvement System
- Third Part (Continual Improvement System)

The third part of the project will be to implement our Continual Improvement System (Measure, Analyse, Define and Improve). In this part, when the Skill Development Program is finished, we will re-test the player/ players in all the areas, to see the level of improvement during the program. Then, we will adjust a new program accordingly for the needs of the player/players.

Football First Global Improvement System
- Second Part (Skills Development Program)

In this part of the project create a holistic skills development program, specifically for every player/team. This will get the player to improve, be more consistent and capable to achieve superior results.

Football First Grading System
– First Part ( Analysis) 

Football First’s Grading System is the first part of our Global Improvement System. This is a 360º Methodology which has been carefully designed to analyse and measure the player’s skill level and where his/her strengths and weaknesses are at. Based on international skills and playing standards, it’s the key for the real success of the player’s performance. It also gives their Clubs more consistency and capabilities to achieve superior results. We test technique, biomechanics and fitness level of the players.

This Holistic System uses a specific series of exercises (some of our tests have 85 different exercises) that the player must complete. After converting those results into real KPI’s this will indicate the player’s ability, exactly where the deficiencies are and, what needs to be worked on to improve the player’s efficiency. The player/Club receives a detailed report on his/her test results, with the Grade obtained (as the School Grades System), graphics and feedback based on the results.

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