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Learn the best soccer drills and technique with Con Boutsianis.

The ex-International Football (soccer) player, known as the Best Free Kick taker in Australia has developed the Global Improvement System for his Football First Academy.

Results 100% guaranteed!

Our exclusive soccer coaching methodology and soccer drills system boosts the technical skills of the players at any age and level in a very short period of time.

We develop both sides of the body equally.

Since its creation, we have been applying these techniques and processes to assist both individuals and teams at every stage in their development.

Football First also integrates this methodology into workplace programs to improve team’s relationships and personal well-being for everyone, particularly in corporate environments.

Con Boutsianis Soccer Drills and technique

Online Training Sessions

We have developed a selection of online sessions to provide exclusive soccer drills, coaching and training assistance where ever you are. Our most popular sessions are listed below:

Soccer Skills Development Program Online

In our Online Soccer Skills Development Program, you will learn the right technical skills required to become a Professional Footballer. The Program consists of 8 + 1 FREE weekly sessions with the expert coach Con Boutsianis, who will provide you clear directions for you to use for training throughout the week.

We cover all the technical aspects of football: Passing, Control, Moving with the ball, Coordination, Shooting, and Free kicks, using both sides of the body equally.

Each one on one session will be 1-hour long and conducted online, via zoom. You will get a FREE Mentoring session after completing this Program.

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Global Improvement System​

Football First Global Improvement System combines best practices for assessing soccer player capabilities and fitness levels with our Grading Test to build soccer player and team profiles.

Grading Test: We created an exclusive system to analyse and measure the player’s skills. Therefore, the player’s strengths and weaknesses will be identified in a tangible way.

Skills Development: After the Grading Test is completed, we focus on improving all the areas required for the game. We expand the soccer skills of both sides of the body through a structured training program with specific soccer drills. Both high achieving technical skills and areas of weakness are developed to increase the overall effectiveness of players and teams.

Continuous Improvement: Once the training program is completed, we made a final assessment to measure how successful the training has been compared to the original analysis of their capabilities. This second test provides a relative improvement as opposed to an individual comparison of capabilities.

Our System is continuous, and each iteration will re-assess the player and team profiles and change the training to maximise both the short term skill improvements and long term capabilities, providing measured results for each iteration and over the lifetime of the program.

Football First is for Everyone​

Football First Global Improvement System was originally developed to assist the development of elite and youth football (soccer) players, through scientific analysis and specific training.

These techniques can be used by everyone to encourage team work, personal growth and overall well-being.

We provide training and coaching support for:

  • Kids
  • Individual athletes of any age and skill level
  • Clubs and Teams
  • Female athletes
  • Corporate Organisation


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