Soccer Skills Development for Teams Program Online

Our Soccer Skills Development Program Online will provide weekly sessions with Con Boutsianis, who will provide clear directions which your club can use for training through the week. Then customised revising to maximise the players development over the program. Each of the sessions will be 1 hour long, online, group sessions, conducted via zoom. 

Main Points

  • Continual Assessment against goals
  • Ball Movement – Passing, Control, Moving with the ball, Juggling
  • Biomechanics – The physiology of motion, how your body works
  • Kicking – Shooting for goal, free kicks, corner kicks
  • Fitness & Conditioning
  • Revising and extending training to maximise Skills Development

Soccer Team Skills Development

To be a great soccer player you have to develop all the skills of our game. To be a great club, you need great players who work as a team. With our customised skills development program online, you get the best coaching in technique, biomechanics and fitness/conditioning.

These sessions cover all the technical aspects of football: Passing, Control, Moving with the ball, Coordination, Shooting and Free kicks. Development is continuous and adjusts to the level of skill your players currently have, with each session working so players progressively improve.

Your football players development specialist can assess your team’s development over time and customise your training schedules to take advantage of strengths, identify your weaknesses and, turn them into your biggest assets. As teams develop, the training program evolves, so players are constantly challenged to improve every week.

Our Skills Development Program Online provide clubs from around the World with direct weekly access to someone who has already reached the highest levels of skills and performance as a team player. The weekly sessions will increase their assessments of both your clubs current capabilities and how it develops over time, so coaching can customise to maximise your teams potential and take your club to the top of its game.