Soccer Team’s Assessment Online

At Football First, we have been assisting international players and teams in succeeding in all levels of competitions for the last 20 years. We have also increased the value of players from grassroots to Olympic and World Cup participants, by improving their individual technical skills exponentially in a very short period of time. 

Our Soccer Team’s Assessment Online Session is designed to provide teams/clubs with direct access to the best international adviser in football development, Con Boutsianis. He has used his scientific knowledge of biomechanics, psychology, and ball movement to produce an exclusive coaching methodology, and his revolutionary “reverse engineering system”. Con’s expertise in goal scoring has played a key role in the success of international players and teams worldwide. Reverse engineering is a vital component to extract what is missing in their technical and biomechanical knowledge to be more precise with their individual performance.

This group session is 100% live and interactive and is conducted online (via Zoom), for the duration of one hour.

Main Points

  • Evaluate the current situation of the team (Achievements)
  • Establish future goals
  • Analysis of the match
  • Locate the strengths & weaknesses of the team
  • Assess the team’s mindset
  • Evaluate decision making-processes
  • Determine the precision in execution
  • Create a strategic plan for the team’s pathway to success

Team Training

This online session is designed to look at your team’s skills and capabilities from a professional perspective. Therefore, assess how individuals work together to produce results. Likewise, identify what can be done both by individuals and the team to improve their combined performance, both during training and during games. We will analyse the errors in the decision-making processes and evaluate how precise the team is their execution. Also, we will discuss your team’s current situation and help create a strategic plan to improve training and game performance in the future