Soccer Career Assessment Online

Our Online Career Assessment Session has been designed to assess your potential and to identify what you need to do to become a professional footballer. In this session, we analyse your skills and capabilities from an expert’s perspective. We will also evaluate your current situation, and help you to create a strategic plan with all the steps required on the pathway for your future as a professional footballer. This 1 on 1 session is 100% live and interactive, and is conducted online (via Zoom), for the duration of one hour. *This session is compulsory for players 12 years+ before starting the Skills Development Program Online.

Main Points

  • Analyse your current status
  • Define your ultimate destination¬†
  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify the resources needed to reach your goals
  • Create a strategic plan for your pathway to success

We create your roadmap to succeed as a Professional Footballer

Nowadays, to become a successful footballer is a major dream for most of our young kids (and their parents). However, to make it, it’s not as easy as it seems. Indeed, a player’s success is a long journey with a lot of bumps along the way.

Also, particularly in the US and Asian-Pacific market there is a misconception that going to train with a European academy will make this journey more straightforward. However, moving to Europe could be a big step, and in most cases, it will affect the whole family. Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of families that made a decision to move there, but what they incurred afterwards was immense frustration as it didn’t meet their expectations.

The main reason for their failure was that they made a decision caused by an emotional reaction, instead of carefully weighing up their options from a rational point of view.

The aim of this session is to make sure that the players and their families avoid the consequences of these common mistakes. Our commitment is to provide an objective vision of the real capabilities of the player, considering the technical, physical and mental skills required before moving to countries with higher technical standards, and in different cultural environments.

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