Mentoring Soccer Program Online

Our Online Football-Soccer Mentoring Program provides you with direct support from Con Boutsianis, who has already reached the highest level of skills and performance as an International Footballer. As your mentor, he will give you the necessary guidelines needed to achieve your dreams as a footballer.

This Program consists of 5 weekly sessions with an expert coach, who will help you to plan your training schedule, measure the improvements that you are achieving, and making sure that you stay focused and aligned in the direction of your goals. Each session will be one on one, 30 minutes long, and conducted online, via zoom.

Main Points

  • Regular assessment against goals
  • Personalised mindset coaching
  • Analysis of games played

Soccer Mentoring Program

Con Boutsianis, will personally analyse your current performances and your mindset. It will create a platform to provide you with the tools required to build up the necessary knowledge needed to move ahead with your career and magnify your self-confidence.

He will analyse your videos of the games to evaluate your achievements, and locate the mechanical and technical errors you made. He will also asses the range of shots taken and provide a specific option to maximise the outcome. These sessions will help you to highlight the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from being successful and provide the necessary tools to overcome them.

The purpose of this Mentoring Program is to tap into the existing knowledge, skills, and experience of the high performing professional player Con Boutsianis, and transfer his skills to newer or less experienced players in order to advance their soccer careers.


“I will stack the odds in the player’s favour, by making sure that when an opportunity to score arises, the chance is executed with absolute precision, because in crucial moments during a match, the margins are small, and as a consequence the only difference between winning and losing. “


                                                                                  Con Boutsianis