Learn Soccer Drills- Passing

I know it’s been a long time since I shared my last post. The truth is that since the restrictions have been lifted, we have been flooded with new enquires and the waiting list to join my football programs has grown exponentially. Therefore, we’ve decided to share practical videos with some technical insights for all these players who would like to learn to play football with my methodology but have no access to my personal training.

So, today I am introducing a series of posts with video tutorials about the technical and mechanical skills required to master the basics of football. Without these abilities, you will not be able to play well and enjoy the game. The first post is about the soccer drill of passing. You must always be accurate with your passing to become a good footballer. 





Passing the ball on the line  

In the video above, I demonstrate how to pass the ball correctly. It is a great way to understand the process and how to execute the pass flawlessly. As you can see in the video, I use a line as a prop to make it easy for anyone to learn. While playing, you do not have a line, but it will automatically help you calculate the pass in-game or in training situations.  

Right Foot Pass: 

  1. Place the ball on the line 

  1. Step half a meter back  

  1. The right foot must be on the line facing the middle of the ball 

  1. The left foot is shoulder-width apart from the right foot 

  1. Step into the ball with the left foot right next to the ball 

  1. Open right foot with a bent knee and hit right in the middle of the ball (equator).  

  1. The ball should roll forwards with a topspin 

  1. Follow through straight towards your intended target 

  1. Your right arm must stay straight and by your hips, and use the left to swing with for counterbalance 

These are the basic rules for the most straightforward push pass. For the left foot, you do precisely the opposite. 

Once you understand the process, your job is to practice it until it becomes effortless for you to master the soccer drill of passing the ball without thinking. This is called pattern recognition. Performing these skills must be completed daily to perfect them. Now go and practice! 



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