Learn How To Juggle The Ball

Juggling is an essential skill that helps develop your touch on the ball. It can often be exceedingly difficult for players to learn, but it is easy once it is broken down into simple steps to follow.


Juggling the ball   

In the video above, I demonstrate how to juggle the ball correctly. If you want to become a coordinated juggler, I suggest following these steps. 

  1. Start with the ball in your hands using your dominant foot. 
  2. Kick the ball up no higher than your shoulders (preferably up to your hip height) 
  3. The touch must be on the top of the foot (Bone) 
  4. Your knee must be slightly bent, your foot firm, and the hips do all the work 
  5. Once you touch the ball, drop your foot immediately to the ground 
  6. When the ball is on the way back down, hit it again around the same height to create the rhythm. (If you are a beginner, let in bounce once at this point)  
  7. Aim for 10 repetitions and then work your way to 100. 
  8. Develop that side perfectly and then move onto the opposite foot. 
  9. Once both feet work perfectly independently, start to juggle, alternating both feet. 

When you are juggling the ball in the air, the brain must work faster. Therefore, your touch and coordination must be precise. The upper and lower bodies must synchronise perfectly to get the perfect rhythm and result. This may take a little time, but if you are struggling initially, please start off by letting the ball bounce once. Remember repetition is the mother of all skill. Keep practising and enjoy the process! 



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