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We are experts in 1 on 1 soccer training Programs for kids. Our director Con Boutsianis, is an ex-International Player, and after retiring, he has been developing youth players with great passion for the last 20 years.

In today’s society, it is crucial to involve our kids in sports activities, so we can keep them physically active and let them socially interact with their teammates and coaches. However, after their initial introduction to the game, many kids who played soccer as a hobby, later on, may start to see it as a potential professional career.

At Football First, we believe that to be a great footballer it’s not essential to be “naturally talented”. Indeed, anyone can learn the game with the right guidance from a coaching expert. Certainly, the best way to help children to enjoy the game is to teach them individually the basic skills to build their confidence and self-esteem, before getting involved in a team environment.

Our Soccer Program for Kids (Beginners) has three phases:

Grading Test  to analyse the player’s capabilities in a tangible way (we provide a 8 pages report).

Skills Development Program is a personalised training program, designed specifically for each player. Most importantly, in these lessons we break down the technique into easy drills, so that the young player can learn step by step. Our System develops both sides of the body equally.

Continual Improvement System (Measure, Analyse, Define and Improve). Subsequently, when the Skill Development Program is finished, we will re-test the player in all the areas, to see the level of improvement during the program. After that, we will adjust a new program accordingly for the needs of the player.

These are our top 12 tips to youngsters aspiring to be professional soccer players! 

  1. Find yourself a professional coach 
  2. Find out your strengths & weaknesses
  3. Learn the basic skills first 
  4. Always practice on both sides of the body 
  5. Practice with correct technique. 
  6. Plan your training sessions in advance
  7. Measure and monitor your progress 
  8. Love what you are doing 
  9. Eat healthy foods
  10. Have a positive mindset
  11. Balance your sport practice & education
  12. Write down your GOALS and have a time frame 
Soccer for Kids Football First


As our company provides soccer training programs for kids, we decided to give something back by donating our services to social causes, and attending volunteer events to help disadvantaged kids.

For Football First it is very important to be socially involved with the environment around us. Therefore, we engage in different non-profit causes and contribute to the community’s wellbeing.

We collaborate with

KIDS Foundation is a leading injury prevention and injury recovery not for profit organisation, directly reaching more than 30,000 children each year. Mainly, they teach children to be safe and create a better life for those living with serious injury and burns.

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