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Football First Grading Test
– (Analysis)

The Grading Test is the first part of our Global Improvement System. This is a 360º Methodology, which has been carefully designed to analyse and measure the player’s soccer skills level and where his/her strengths and weaknesses are. Based on international playing standards, it’s the key for the real success of the player’s performance. As a result, it also gives their Clubs more consistency and capabilities to achieve superior results. We test technique, biomechanics and fitness level of the players.

This Holistic System uses a specific series of exercises (some of our tests have 85 different exercises) that the player must complete. In conclusion, we convert those results into real KPI’s. Therefore, this will indicate the player’s ability, exactly where the deficiencies are and, what needs to be worked on to improve the player’s efficiency. We provide the player/Club with a detailed report on his/her test results, with the Grade obtained (as the School Grades System), graphics and feedback based on the results.

Soccer Skills Development
- (Develop)

In the second part of the project, we create a personalised soccer skills development program, specifically for every player/team.  Most importantly, we break down the technique into easy drills so that the player can learn step by step.

Our System develops both sides of the body equally.

Indeed, it will get the player to improve, be more consistent and capable of achieving superior results.

Football First Continual Improvement
- (Improve)

The third part of the project will be to implement our Continual Improvement System (Measure, Analyse, Define and Improve). Subsequently, when the Skill Development Program is finished, we will re-test the player/ players in all the areas, to see the level of improvement during the program. After that, we will adjust a new program accordingly for the needs of the player/players.

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