Double Aiming System For Goal-Scoring (DAS)

The Double Aiming System for Goal-Scoring© is something that I have been developing for the last 17 years. Sometimes, when we want to hit a particular target, our brain believes that we must solely aim for that spot. It is not the case because when it comes to shots that require extreme power, spin, and absolute precision we must aim for one specific target before it ends up to the final intended target. 

This shooting system allows the player to deceive the goalkeeper in mid-air by manipulating the ball by using sidespin, topspin or a mixture of both sides and topspin. 

In scientific terms, this is called the Magus Effect. 

“When a soccer player kicks a ball off-centre, it causes the ball to spin. The direction and speed of the spin will determine how much the ball curves during flight” .

When we look up the explanation of the Magnus effect, it is correct in its description, but there is more to it. A general reason suggests that if you strike the ball on the left, it will turn to the right and vice versa. How do you get the right power and direction, though? You see, to develop this type of shot requires many things to go right. 

Points and questions for striking the ball with spin:

  • Before you even kick the ball, you must know what your starting position should be. 
  • The mechanics of foot placement on the ball needs to be defined. 
  • Where do you contact the ball exactly? 
  • Which direction do you follow through after the shot? Left, middle, or right and at what height? Also, if you want to lift the ball, your follow-through will go up instead of straight through the ball, which creates a more powerful and flatter shot. 
  • Do your arms play a part in developing maximum power and accuracy? Therefore, what are they meant to be doing before, during and after the completed shot? 

So given that all these specific skills play a part in the result being a goal, every action must synchronize perfectly within one split second to score. If one movement is not precise, you will be inaccurate or not have enough power to beat the goalkeeper. 

This system is not taught to many children or teenagers, as they must stay side-on to the ball instead of turning and facing the target they want to hit. Indeed, facing the targets happens at a subconscious level because our brains are wired up that way. 

Here are the reasons why facing the target straight on does not work well:

  • Prevents from getting the same power in the shot because the hips do not rotate fully 
  • Limits hitting either corner of the goal 
  • You don’t have a range of shots to use if you’re facing the target 100% 
  • The probability of scoring is much less 

The belief that some players are just natural at this skill is a myth. Many professional players do not understand the science and biomechanics of striking the ball using the (2PAAS). For children to gain power, they need to hit many balls to create the turn on the ball (Magnus Effect). They don’t have the strength in the hips, so this shot is unobtainable at the start but can be practised at any age to begin the process. 

Everyone who plays football/soccer must understand how to make these shots because they are fundamental skills. For example, in tennis, it’s like not knowing how to hit a forehand using the top or sidespin and only hitting flat shots through the middle of the tennis ball. You would not last long. Therefore, it is fair to say that this system will help you gain better results no matter what level you play. 

The Double Aiming System for Goal-Scoring© is an IP from Con Boutsianis


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