Learn How To Kick The Ball

A long ball is a kicking technique used frequently in a football game, and it is used for goal kicks and through balls to open defences. The key is getting the backspin on the ball to travel longer distances. To do this, I will go through the basic steps of how to do it below:  


Soccer Technique- Kicking (Long Ball with Backspin)


Left foot example first. 

  1. Place a ball on the ground and move back 2 meters in line with the ball. 
  2. Keep your feet together and step top the right about 2 feet. 
  3. Go straight to the ball and plant your right foot next to the ball (at the same time, your left foot must be bent and, in the air, ready to strike the ball). 
  4. As your foot comes down, it is initially pointing straight, but upon contacting the ball, you must open the foot and strike the ball right in the middle, just under the equator, to get the backspin. 
  5. Because you’re kicking with the left foot, you must swing your right arm to counterbalance the weight of the left foot. 
  6. As a beginner, start at 5 to 10 metres. For intermediate or experienced players, kick from a distance that doesn’t compromise your technique or accuracy.  
  7. Use a wall, so the ball returns to you for more repetitions. (If you kick the ball correctly, it will come straight back to you). 
  8. Once you have mastered the left foot, move onto the right or vice versa. 
  9. If you improve your accuracy and technique, start to hit from further distances. 

I know that will help you develop your long ball technique, so follow the steps and please practise watching the video. Enjoy the process!  


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