Which soccer boots should I get?

Over the years, we have seen many different types of soccer boots or cleats in the US. Sometimes, selecting the right pair for yourself can be a little challenging, especially if you’re a parent choosing for your kid. Many questions go through your mind about which pair to buy. The most important one for people is how much they want to spend, but this shouldn’t be the determining factor. 

These days, most professional players receive boots from their sponsors like Nike, Adidas, Puma, to mention a few. Boots are the player’s tools, so they usually look for comfort, protection, flexibility in the shoe and colour. Everyone is different, so colours enhance our feelings about the boot. Today many top professionals wear the latest boot design to promote it so that the brands can sell that boot around the world. It’s why they get paid to wear the latest boots as part of their marketing strategy, and it works because companies like Nike are turning over billions of dollars in sales. Therefore, junior players are influenced to wear their favourite player’s boots, or for some, it’s the latest boot or technology there looking to buy. These soccer boots can be costly, especially when kids are growing so quickly.  

In my own experience, I realized that I wanted to wear the boots of my idols. Maradona, Pele, Ronaldo, Platini and Beckenbauer were some of the champion players growing up. The shoes were amazing to wear, had nice soft leather, and they felt very comfortable. Two very famous boots that are still selling are the Copa Mundial by Adidas and the Puma King. I wore both.  

Nowadays, we are inundated with so many different boots that can confuse us. Buying the most expensive pair of boots doesn’t mean that they are suitable for your feet or help you kick the ball accurately and with power. Boots are there to protect your feet from injury and must be flexible, especially at the boot’s sole. A lot of soccer boots have rigid plastic on the sole, and this can certainly cause injuries. Also, real leather is essential as it allows your feet to breathe, not plastic. I know that the brand owners don’t want to hear that, but that’s the truth.  

Checklist for buying your new soccer boots: 
  • You should be able to bend the sole so that your feet can move freely. 
  • It must be made from real leather so your feet can breathe. 
  • Try the boots on with soccer socks to choose the right size. 
  • Try to find the ones with cotton laces instead of the synthetic ones (I know, it’s not easy ?). 

When companies advertise that boots give you more power and accuracy, it’s not true as only mastering the correct technique and biomechanics will provide you with those results. Indeed, an excellent way to test yourself is to see if you can kick the ball barefoot sweetly and if so, you know you have great technique; otherwise, this will indicate you need to improve it. 

Soccer boots have changed rapidly over the years, just like technology, and they will keep changing. The Copa Mundial boot is the dinosaur of boots because it’s comfortable and straightforward. Colours and styles come and go and play a crucial role in sales, but there’s only one pair of boots that you can wear at any given time, and they’re the ones that you like for whatever reason. With that said, you don’t always have to buy the most expensive pair but the most useful.  

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