How To Tie Your Football Boots As a Pro

It’s very important that you know how to tie up your football boots laces correctly. You want to be precise so that you don’t trip over yourself while playing, in order to concentrate on scoring goals to win instead of doing your laces up during the game. Most importantly, it helps you feel the ball better when you pass, shoot or control the ball. 

Here are my  secret tips for you 😉: 


– You can tie the football boots by looping the laces underneath the middle of the boot or if you want more ankle support, loop the laces around the back of the last 2 studs. 

– Your laces need to be tied to the outside of the boot, and remember to complete a double knot as most laces are synthetic. Therefore, slip more and come undone easier. 

– When you tie your boots up, they should feel snug on your feet, tighter than looser for a better performance 


– If the laces are tied on the top of the foot it can decrease the power and accuracy in the shot. The surface must be flat and uninterrupted by laces flopping around. 

– Don’t tie your laces up loosely as you can easily role your ankle or injure yourself if there is movement in your boot. 

– Don’t take your football boots off with the laces still tied up

More tips about wearing in new  football boots, and cleaning them:

– Firstly, boots should fit tightly and be snug around your foot.  

– Get a cloth and soak it with warm water. Dampen your boots and then put them on, so it allows them to mould to your feet better.  

– Wear them around the house, preferably on carpet to break the boots in. 

– When you train with them for the first time place some Vaseline inside the boot around the heel, sides and front of the boot. Do the same around your socks. It will help stop blisters and friction. If you feel that they are hurting, always have a spare pair of boots that you can wear until the new ones feel great. 

– Always clean your boots after training or the game if it has been raining or their muddy clean them immediately and let them dry out naturally. Please don’t keep them in your boot bag. They will smell and won’t dry quick enough. Place newspaper in the boots so they dry naturally.  

– Never dry your boots in front of a heater or hair dryer or dryer, as they shrink too much, and the shoe becomes more rigid and uncomfortable. 

– After they are dry polish them with Dubbin or black polish for the traditional boots with a dry cloth. 

– Keep the laces loose right down to the bottom, so the shoe stays in your foot’s shape and doesn’t overstretch.  

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