My personal letter to you, the Club’s soccer coach

I really wanted to write a letter to all the soccer coaches, mainly those from our community’ Football Clubs. 

Firstly, please let me tell you that I am really amazed by your capability to juggle your primary job, family, and coaching commitments all at once. I know it’s not easy.., you must meet the Clubs, parents, and players expectations for something that you are barely get paid for. It is an enormous responsibility to take on with little reward at the end of the day. Most of the time, you must find ways to improve your coaching skills. It requires a lot of time and effort because the truth is that you haven’t been provided with enough resources to enhance your knowledge. Hats off to you! 

As a personal coach, I do not see you as a competitor at all. Indeed, I always tried to support soccer coaches to do better by sharing my knowledge with them. For instance, I provided free sessions to every community Club that wanted to take it. However, the bureaucracy of our system does not help at all… 

My mission is to create the best possible football players so you can then implement your tactics or style of play. I like to use the orchestra’s analogy; my responsibility is to teach each musician how to play their instruments perfectly. So the conductor (team’s coach) can then integrate all their skills to end up with the best music. 

Too often, I meet parents who are very frustrated that their children cannot perform the basics well enough and that the coaches were not teaching them these particular skills. The reality is that the coaches do not have the time to develop the individual’s skills, and unfortunately, in many cases, they do not have enough knowledge to do it. However, I am sure that you agree that only when the players can perform the basics exceptionally well, like running with the ball, controlling, passing, kicking, shooting, and being fit, the team will function well. 

On the other hand, I do not understand some Club’s reluctance for their players to receive external coaching from an expert. Therefore, many of my students (and their parents) prefer to keep my coaching a secret because they are afraid that there might be negative consequences. Nowadays, I cannot see any organization in the World that prevents its workers from getting a higher education. It also makes less sense when the employee is willing to invest his/her money to improve their knowledge, so he/she can perform better, and consequently, they will be a stronger asset to the company.

With that said, I firmly believe that for the good of the game, we must all work together (Federations, Clubs, team’s coaches, and personal coaches) to develop a new generation of outstanding footballers capable of winning international competitions while representing our country.  

I wish you the best for the future, and thanks for your enormous contribution to the World’s game that we all love! 

Warm Regards, 

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