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If your child is interested in soccer and you’re looking for a way to help them take their skills to the next level, a soccer academy might be just the thing. But how do you choose the right one? Here are some factors to consider when searching for soccer academies near you.


Research the academy’s reputation and coaching staff.

When choosing a soccer academy for your child, it’s essential to research the academy’s reputation and coaching staff. Look for reviews and testimonials from other parents whose children have attended the academy. Also, consider the experience and qualifications of the coaching staff and their coaching style.


Look into the program’s training philosophy and curriculum.

Another critical factor to consider when choosing a soccer academy for your child is the training philosophy and curriculum. Each academy may have a different approach to coaching and developing young players, so finding one that aligns with your child’s goals and values is crucial. For example, some academies might prioritize competition and winning over skill-building and sportsmanship, while others might emphasize a holistic approach to player development both on and off the field. Take time to research each program’s philosophy and ask questions about its curriculum before making a final decision.


For us, it’s not just about Football…

We are a soccer academy based in Melbourne, and we provide remote sessions to players worldwide.  Our core values are developing the player’s technical and cognitive skills. Indeed, we have several study cases of players who have had learning challenges and have improved their achievements, not just in soccer but in all areas of their lives. So, their stress levels dropped, and their concentration increased. Furthermore, it was also a noticeable improvement in their school marks in all cases.

Con Boutsianis, ex-international player and Socceroo, has been teaching students for the last twenty years the best soccer techniques based on its exclusive step-by-step methodology. In this way, the player can practice and integrate each soccer drill quickly to learn to score goals. As Boutsianis likes to say, you need to know the alphabet before spelling words and making sentences.

Moreover, we believe that, like the analogy of musician/orchestra, the player needs to excel in their individual skills to outperform in a team environment.


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