Why is your kid not scoring goals during the weekends?

We all want our kids to do well in a match. Scoring goals lifts everyone’s confidence and morale. The goal scorer is considered the standout of a team, and everyone wants to be that person. Therefore, why is it that your kid is struggling to score on the weekend? Is it because he or she has just started playing, their skill level is not high, they are scared to shoot, they play as defenders, the coach doesn’t want them to attack but set up the forwards, they tried and failed before, or is it only for the ones who were blessed with God’s divine talent

At the end of the day, as a parent, you want your child to be congratulated or acknowledged for scoring a goal, and there is no better feeling. Higher self-esteem after scoring a goal plays a crucial role in a player’s confidence too. So, why are only a handful of hand-selected people allowed to have this opportunity and others not?

When starting, every kid should try to play all the positions to learn as much as possible, including goal scoring. Scoring goals is a fundamental skill that simultaneously develops several other skills and needs to be practised regularly. There are many different categories of shots in soccer that are like strokes in tennis. In tennis, they practice all the various shots repeatedly until they become automated in the players’ brains. Every tennis player can hit a winner, so it should be the same for soccer players scoring.  

Learning how to kick a ball correctly is a crucial ingredient for any beginner. If you’re not accurate, you can’t play the game well, and so how do we become a precise kicker of a ball? As a goalscoring specialist coach, many parents ask me to teach their children how to score free kicks and some shots. It’s not that simple because there are so many different areas that must be mastered before you even get into a shooting position. And believe me, after completing many Grading Tests, I found out that 99% of those kids haven’t got the basics right yet. However, their parents weren’t aware of it.

Things that may happen before a shot: 

  • Control of the ball 
  • Running with the ball (both feet, most players can only run with their shooting foot, which limits your opportunities) 
  • Dribbling moves 
  • Pushing the ball to set up the shot 
  • Approach to the ball 
  • Biomechanics- making sure all your body parts are making the right movements before and after the shot, depending on which shot you are taking (e.g., swinging your opposite arm to the shooting foot)  
  • Selection of shots (I teach over 20 different styles of shots) 
  • Tactics of shots 
  • Eye positioning 

The points above also work when you pass the ball, cross the ball, strike a long ball or goal-kick and many other areas during a game. 

As I have always said, we expect the players to spell words without teaching them the alphabet first. By the way, are you sure that your kid knows the precise vowels and consonants required for soccer? If not, then you have the answer to why your kid is not scoring goals on the weekend. 

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