Are You Giving Up Your Kid’s Soccer Dream?


If you are based in Victoria like me or NSW, you might feel that you are going through one of the most challenging times that in your life. I know it’s not easy, but we all have the responsibility to support our younger ones and motivate them to pursue their dreams.  

Certainly, someday it will be over. But do you think that your kids’ mindset will be strong enough to succeed in the following years?  

I believe that the last 18 months have created an enormous differentiation between the kids who will overcome this situation even stronger than before and those who will struggle to move ahead. I understand that it’s not easy as a parent to juggle your work commitments with home-schooling for such a long period. Furthermore, manage your children’s screen-gaming-time is almost mission impossible. However, in my experience of mentoring kids, this battle is not entirely lost. 

Indeed, I am thrilled to accompany those kid’s (and their parents) who decided to keep doing their best no matter the circumstances. It’s hasn’t been easy, even for myself. So I had no choice but to keep encouraging them through their screens, and I am very proud of all my students that didn’t give up. Like Kai, he’s 16 years old, has completed an average of 15 hours of soccer training a week on his own, and his school grades are still exceptional. Yianni, who is 9 yo, and Patrick, who is 8 yo, couldn’t do more than 2 juggles six months ago, and now both have scored over 100! Christian is 14 years old and has developed his mental and physical skills enormously. Christopher overcame his physical challenges with his hard work and passion for soccer. There is many more, Taran, Evan, Christos, Cicily, Alexander, Ben.., etc. All of them are ready to step up when the season resumes and showcase their improvement when the opportunity arises. But most importantly, their mindset has been reinforced, and they have a clear structure for their daily tasks.  

With that said, I cannot guarantee that those kids will become professional players in the future, but I am sure that the resilience that they have developed during this tough journey will be a crucial asset for the rest of their lives. 



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