Soccer Programs Summer 2020 For Kids In Australia

During the summer school holidays 2020, all the kids will love to go for a kick or will be soccer training with their respective teams. Particularly here in Melbourne, over the long Covid restrictions period, everyone will want to get back to playing matches as soon as possible, and soccer summer activities are a great way to keep the kids physically active and socially connected. Unfortunately, during the lockdown, most of the kids skill’s and fitness levels have dropped considerably, but most importantly, their mental strength is much lower.

Throughout these holidays, there is no better way to give your child the opportunity to improve his/her soccer skills and enhance his/her motivation by training with an expert coach. In my ONE ON ONE SOCCER PROGRAMS FOR KIDS, I can guide, and show your child how to perform a particular skill, break it down step by step if needed, and give you instant feedback on what he/she’s doing right or wrong. I am also one of very few coaches in the world who can reverse engineer skills that have not been learnt 100% correctly or are missing pieces to the particular skill you’re executing. Remember : “The smallest details make the biggest difference.”  

Playing football/soccer in the summer is great fun, especially if you are playing under lights on a hot summer’s night. However, most games are played at an earlier time, so it will generally be in the middle of the day. Therefore, you must take some precautions and prepare well for the heat.  

Here’s how to prepare for a hot match! 

  • Train for 30 minutes around 2 to 3 hours before your match 
  • Stretch at home before you get to the match 
  • Always keep hydrated 
  • Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before the match 
  • warm-up in the shade and save it to a minimum, so you don’t lose unnecessary energy (if there is no shade, wear a hat for the warm-up) 
  • Drink water during the breaks 
  • At half have a cold shower if it’s available or have iced or cold water to soak your towels in and cool your body temperature down 

Overall, the most important part of playing soccer this summer is to let the kids have fun, stay healthy and interact with their friends. 


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