Online Sessions using Zoom

Zoom is a free online video streaming service that provides access to skilled professionals anywhere you need, in a park or back-yard, different towns and cities or even around the world. The online capabilities of Zoom make professional skills available to everyone.

Zoom can be used on your laptop or smart phone, so you can use it where you train. If the camera is suitably mounted, or you have someone assisting you, you can show your skills to a professional assessor and give live demonstrations.

The assessor can provide live feedback and you work together to get the best results from these sessions.

Private Online Sessions

We provide a range of one on one online sessions to help you develop in your own way. Online sessions mean you can train anywhere, while still having top-line professional assistance with your training.

Online Mentoring Program – A$495

A package of 5 weekly sessions, 30 min each. Online Mentoring provides coaching and feedback opportunities so you can maximise the results from your training sessions to ensure that you reach your playing goals faster.

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Online Skills Development Program – A$1280

Our Online Soccer Skills Development Program will provide 8 + 1 FREE weekly sessions with an expert coach who will provide clear directions which you can use for training through the week. Then personalised revising to maximise the players development over the program. Each of the 8 sessions will be 45 minute long, online, 1-1 sessions, conducted via zoom. You will get a FREE Mentoring session after completing this Program.

*The Career Assessment Session must be completed before starting this Program.

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Group Online Sessions

Group training is mandatory for team sports like football. But the quality of the training depends on both the availability and skills of the coaching staff available.

We have created our Group Online Sessions to provide top-line coaching support. Now any team/club can have access to the best instructors. Regardless of where they are or what their skill levels are.

Online Team’s Assessment

A 1 hour session specifically designed for Teams or Clubs. We will teach the players the different skills required for the game. This includes individual skills, team work and cooperation techniques.

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