Soccer Mentoring Online Program – A$495

Our Online Mentoring Program provide you with direct weekly access to someone who has already reached the highest levels of skills and performance as an International Footballer. The weekly sessions will increase the assessments of both your current capabilities and how you develop over time, so we can personalise our coaching to maximise your potential and take your to the next level as a football player.

This Program consist in 5 weekly sessions with an expert coach, who will provide clear directions which you can use for training through the week. We monitor and revise the improvement continually to maximise the players development over the program. Each of the 5 sessions will be 30 minute long, online, 1-1 sessions, conducted via zoom.

Main Points

  • Regular Assessment against goals
  • Personalised coaching (both techniques and conditioning)
  • Revising and extending training to maximise results

Mentoring Program

With a personal mentor, you not only get the best coaching in technique and fitness/conditioning, but you can also identify personal goals and playing issues that can be integrated into the training system to maximise the results for your personal journey as a player.

Your mentor can assess your development over time and customise your training schedule to take advantage of your strengths and minimise the impact of your weaknesses. As you develop as a player the training also develops, so you are constantly challenged to improve every week.